TheGigRig Three2One

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If you use multiple guitars with varying levels, TheGigRig Three2One allows you to switch effortlessly between them and use the built in pre amps to balance the levels.

The GigRig Three2One guitar selector features three inputs. You can now switch easily between 1-3 guitars or even line level inputs such as a keyboards or drum machines!

After plugging your instruments in simply use the footswitch to cycle through them. Need more inputs? You can link 2 units together for up to 6 guitars. If you need to balance levels between differing instruments, then simply select the adjacent preamp button. This engages the pre-amp gain controls next to the LED displays. You can then easily cut or boost the individual inputs.

You can choose true bypass or preamp for each instrument.  User programmable functions with optional signal mute pre-sets and gain boosts up to X4.

We’ve doubled the voltage internally from 9v to 18v, so the Three2One has massive input headroom and can easily cope with a huge range of differing guitar pickup types (including active pickups), but remains ultra clean and quiet.

The Three2One uses the exclusively TheGigRig designed Optokick footswitch. It’s milled from incredibly tough marine quality stainless steel. The Optokick footswitch uses light instead of potentially un-reliable mechanical switching. We firmly believe it’s the most reliable footswitch in the world!


Power – 9V to 12V DC centre negative (9VDC recommended). Optimised for use with the GigRig Generator power supply.

Current Draw – 120mA normal mode, 120mA to 200mA in blend mode.

Input Impedance – Using the selectable amplifiers 1.6Meg Ohms on each input

Input Signal Handling – True Bypass. No limit, passive DC connection using relays. Buffered input. 8.6V peak to peak, Buffered with X2 gain: 8.6V peak to peak. With boost option engaged: 4V peak to peak.

Output Impedance – True Bypass, variable, highest = 21K Ohms. Using the Selectable amplifiers = 100 Ohms

Dimensions – Box size: 11.5cm x 8cm x 4cm

Weight – 0.22kg / 0.49lbs

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