CPB Dual Loop Buffered Patch Box

£87.50 (£87.50 inc VAT)

Patch Box with built in Buffer and 2 switchable loops


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CPB Dual Loop Buffered Patch Box.

This CPB Patch Box has 1 input, 1 output, 2 switchable loops, and a robust, high quality TL072 op-amp transparent buffer on the output.

Ideal for our amazing Battery Boards!

enclosure size: L-112mm x D-68mm x H-38mm

All CPB pedals and signal solutions are hand made in the UK using high quality components:

  • Aluminium enclosure
  • Neutrik jack sockets
  • RoHS compliant

Designed to get signal in and out of your pedal board with most convenience and least fuss!

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Weight 0.5 kg

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