The GigRig

The Ultimate Switching Systems, Power Supplies and Accessories

Van Damme

High Quality Cabling

Bailey Guitars

World Class British Guitars 


Tiny Little Pedals!

Magnetic Effects

Excellent value and quality made in UK pedals.



Quality Pedals and Power Supplies.


Origin Effects

The best compressors known to man, made in UK.


One Control

Pedals and Switchers.

David Gilmour Gear Forum

Biggest Gilmour Gear Forum on the internet.



Some of our favourite amps.


The best quality hiwatt amps money can buy.

Bright Onion Pedals

Hand Made Pedals & Patch Boxes


The largest David Gilmour gear resource on the net 


High Quality Power Supplies

Puretone Pedals

Noise Free Tone 


Finest made in UK valve pedals.

Mission Engineering

The worlds best expression and volume pedals made in the USofA.



Boss effects pedals and switchers.


Made in USA Jack Plugs and Connectors.

The Fret Board Forum

Uk's best and busiest online guitar community.


Fantastic on-line resource.

Vintage Hiwatt Covention

The best Hiwatt forum on the net.

Evidence Audio

Premium Quality Cable & Connectors

SM Fuzz

1 of the best, The Scott McKeon Fuzz Pedal

Joe's Pedals

Purveyors of the finest bespoke stomp-boxes 


CPB uses only genuine Velcro brand.


Thorpy Fx

Finest made in UK pedals.


Voodoo Labs

Great Power Supplies.

Stone Deaf

Pedals and Amps made in UK.


Quality Jack Plugs and Connectors.

WEM Owners

A website for WEM amps.


Hamstead Soundworks

Quality made in UK amps and pedals.