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We offer the complete pedal board design, manufacture and setup service. We can design a custom pedal board for whatever pedal setup you require. Even advise you on possible options and configurations to build a better sounding and more flexible solution for your guitar, bass or effects needs. From flight cases - power supplies - loop switchers - patch/instrument cables - velcro. Its all here! Our in-house boutique/custom design and fitting service specialises in setting up your pedals so you dont have to. We use the best cabling, power supplies and loop switchers to give your board the sound and tone it deserves!

Made by musicians for musicians!

We can also order any pedal you may require from our suppliers to include on your new custom pedal board. For this service customers need to drop off or send their pedals to us, which if required we can arrange. so get in-touch to discuss or arrange pick up with our specialist courier. Our ultra rugged touring cases and pedal boards are lovingly designed and hand crafted by our small team of expert craftsmen to the highest standards of quality. We can quite confidently say our pedal boards are the best of their type in the world!

Micky Smith

Session Guitarist with Ben Howard

Amazing Pedal Board - perfect for touring - tough and great to use.


Interview with Chris Ryan from Custom Pedal Boards

Premium Pedal Board Solutions for you...

We work closely with several guitar pedal and pedal looping/switching manufacturers including the GigRig and Bright Onion Pedals. As well as our specialist pedalboards, we also make fully customisable flight cases including several unique design options, all built to your requirements. Inc the new gigrig G2!

Touring & Performance Experience

Many musicians carry around their expensive gear in cheap and insecure cases, or no cases at all! Often this results in damaged pedals, bad connections or loose wires, broken valves, damaged speakers and grill cloths etc.

There's nothing worse than being let down by your equipment at that all important gig.

So why not consider proper protection for your gear?

If you're a serious musician, a Custom Pedal Board is a must for your pedals.

Tired of the rest of the band waiting for you to set up your equipment?

With our gigging & touring solutions it's quick and simple. Now you will be drinking a cold one at the bar while waiting for them to finish setting up! All of our products are designed and hand made to full flight specs, by our in-house highly skilled, experienced craftsmen and performing musicians to stand the abuse of life on the road. We firmly believe that integrating performing and touring experience in pedal board and flightcase design is what makes our products both unique and better suited to the working musician.


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Custom Pedal Boards is based in North Wales.

Whatever your flight case or pedal board requirements please get in touch and find out what we can do for you!

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